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hills deutschland

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It can be said without exaggeration that two thirds of the entire population only enjoy meat once a year. Due to its barren soils and the harsh climate, which led time and again to poor harvests, many farmers were in debt.

For a long time, economic development was hampered by the poor condition of roads and tracks. However, due to its border location between the German Empire, Belgium and Luxembourg as march routes to France , many railway lines were built since the foundation of the German Empire , which served military-strategic purposes.

This improvement of the transport routes also boosted tourism. The construction of the Nürburgring also served the purpose of economic development in the s.

The border region of the Eifel was also not spared by the Second World War. The construction of the Siegfried Line was followed, from September to January , by violent battles and the Ardennes Offensive , especially in the northern Eifel, which still bears witness to the legacy of the war: Much of the Eifel has limited infrastructure and there are almost no large industrial areas.

Only in the Pellenz in the Neuwied Basin is there a stronger industrial presence. Agriculture is restricted to certain valleys and the lower levels particularly in parts of the southern Eifel , the Pre-Eifel and the Maifeld.

A large number of farms have been converted into stabling facilities, some of which offer overnight accommodation and horse care for trail riders.

In the Wittlich Basin, tobacco is also grown. However, at high altitudes in the Eifel, only forestry and dairy farming are generally possible.

Mining is still carried out in the Eifel region. In Mayen the firm of Rathscheck Schiefer mines roofing slates in the Moselle slate mines of Katzenberg and Margareta, and gypsum in Ralingen on the River Sauer near the border with Luxembourg.

In the South Eifel, especially in the Wehrer Bowl, volcanic carbonic acid is extracted. In many places in the Eifel region, the mining of pumice , basalt and other rocks and minerals has a long tradition.

For example, between Daun, Gerolstein and Hillesheim - i. Residents and local authorities affected by the planned expansion as of July have practically no influence over it because it is based on the old mining law.

There is evidence that iron was being processed in the Eifel by the Iron Age. So by then the Eifel was already an important economic area. Its mineral resources lead , zinc spar , iron , lime and rocks for construction were mined and trade benefited from Roman roads such as the Roman road from Trier to Cologne , which crossed the Eifel.

The abundance of timber , which was needed for smelting, and of watercourses, which were indispensable for the preparation and operation of hammer mills and bellows , made it possible for the Eifel to be an important supra-regional economic area even in the late Middle Ages.

It was traded at the markets in Trier and Cologne. Well known are the many mineral springs , which occur frequently here because of the region's volcanic past.

The largest bottlers are Gerolsteiner Brunnen and Apollinaris. One of the largest German breweries, Bitburger , has its headquarters and production facilities in Bitburg in the Eifel.

The economic importance of tourism has increased since the Second World War ; and it was further encouraged, for example, by the Eifel's designation as a national park the Eifel National Park on 1 January , as well as the natural history infrastructure in the Volcanic Eifel.

Furthermore, the Eifel Park and several maars and lakes are popular tourist destinations. In winter, in some of the highlands, there are opportunities for winter sports, e.

A well known destination for motorsport fans is the Nürburgring with its famous Nordschleife. Another touristic and geological destination is the German Volcano Road , which links the attractions of the Vulkanland Eifel Geopark.

There are also numerous mountains and hills with good viewing points as well as several holiday routes.

Hiking tourism is also of considerable economic importance, as is reflected in the increasing number of overnight stays for hiking guests and the progressive expansion of the network of trails.

In addition to the Eifelsteig trail, which was opened in and runs from Aachen to Trier across the Eifel, there is a wide network of themed and circular walks.

As a traditionally isolated land, in which the population kept a quiet and simple way of life, the Eifel offered fertile soil for lively folk poetry.

The sagas , legends and fairy tales , which were told on long winter evenings in the farmhouse parlours, often reflect a longing for a better world, which stood in contrast to the found reality of life.

The Eifel also repeatedly offered material for numerous literary and regional studies works - from the Eifel and about the Eifel.

Eifel mentality and humour were reflected in numerous anecdotes and jokes. Figures of fun and Eifel characters are brought to life in these stories.

The Dahnener Sprünge have become famous beyond the region. A love of jokes and ridicule of one's neighbours may have formed motives for these popular stories of Eifel fools.

Folk poetry of the Eifel was collected early on. Inspired by Romanticism , in which folklore was seen as a rich source of unadulterated motifs and forms, collections of stories and adaptations of Eifel folk tales emerged.

Among the most illuminating collections is the poetic guide through the Eifel region by chaplain, Johann Heydinger. During the s scientific interest in folk culture also gave impetus to the collection of folk poetry.

Scary stories from the Eifel region were collected and partly published by headmaster, Heinrich Hoffmann, from Düren in and also by Zender in the s.

Peter Kremer published a collection of such stories with a commentary in in a Düren publication. Well-known historical works of the Eifel are the Eiflia illustrata oder geographische und historische Beschreibung der Eifel by Johann Friedrich Schannat , published in the 17th century, translated, supplemented and re-edited in by Georg Bärsch; and the Eiflia sacra , also edited by Schannat and re-edited in by Carl Schorn.

The first recognised Eifel poet was Peter Zirbes, a wandering stoneware trader from Niederkail. He was the author of simple poems in the Eifel dialect , which he published in In , Ute Bales wrote a novel about his life, which was awarded the special prize by the jury in the Rhineland-Palatinate Book of the Year competition Buch des Jahres Rheinland-Pfalz.

Many contemporary poets who live in the Eifel or come from the Eifel have captured the Eifel poetically and made it known beyond its borders to readers of poetry in the German-speaking world.

These include Jochen Arlt who has also contributed to regional literature as the editor of several Eifel anthologies , Theo Breuer , Ursula Krechel and Norbert Scheuer.

The book of German poems. From its Beginnings to the Present. One great narrator and native of Trier , who chose the Eifel as the setting for her novels and stories, was Clara Viebig.

The best-selling author of the subsequent naturalism movement, wrote two great literary monuments about the Eifel with her novels, Kreuz im Venn and Weiberdorf.

The reception of Clara Viebig's work was interrupted during the Nazi era because of her marriage to a Jewish publisher.

Since the end of the s, the author's works have experience a deserved renaissance - even in the Eifel region. Perhaps the most important literary work about the Eifel region and its people is the novel Winterspelt by Alfred Andersch , which is set in the final phase of the Second World War and depicts the positional war during the Ardennes offensive and the tragic combination of people and their fates in epic breadth.

The author, Heinz Küpper, who died in and whose novels included Wohin mit dem Kopf and Zweikampf mit Rotwild , Norbert Scheuer from Kall and Ute Bales from Gerolstein are today the most important representatives of the Eifel in the field of contemporary, German-language prose.

In their works, they present the Eifel, both physically and symbolically, as a rugged landscape, which becomes a reflection of spiritual landscapes.

Particularly interesting here in comparison to the perspective of the more down-to-earth narrator is the Eifel's literary composition from the point of view of the outsider.

This literature challenges us to confront the region and its people, especially where there is no attempt to romanticize the Eifel, but where hopelessness and despair in the face of poverty and misery, intellectual narrowness or rigid systems of values become apparent.

Although Norbert Scheuer was born in the Eifel, the narrators of his novels and stories take the perspective of the distanced or the outsider.

Norbert Scheuer has succeeded in presenting life in the Eifel in a multifaceted way and making it interesting for readers in the entire German-speaking area, especially in his latest book Kall, Eifel In Ute Bales' novels, landscape and people are inseparably connected.

The characteristic of the Eifel landscape and its inhabitants is the starting point of a narrative style that shows people as "lonely, lost, in a misunderstood place" in and with their suffering, as in the novel Kamillenblumen about the peddler, Traud, from Kolverath.

One literary genre that has been flourishing in many regions and cities in Germany over the last few decades is the crime novel with a local or regional setting.

Jacques Berndorf has become the best-selling German crime novelist with detective novels such as Eifel-Blues , Eifel-Sturm or Eifel-Träume In , he was awarded the top prize at the Eifel Literature Festival.

In addition, Ralf Kramp was awarded the sponsorship prize. Kramp was the first author to write Eifel crime stories for children with his series about the "black cloverleaf" schwarzes Kleeblatt.

Historical crime novels have been penned by Günter Krieger and Petra Schier. Josef Zierden has published an Eifel thriller travel guide that covers countless crime novel scenes in the Eifel.

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